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The Shaffer Law Firm

We have served the Gulf Coast for almost 30 year years. We specialize in providing expert legal services in the areas of debt defense and bankruptcy. Our firm's foundation is built on a rich legacy of legal expertise and a deep commitment to serving our community. Our team brings together a diverse and robust combination of skills, experience, and passion for justice, ensuring that we offer the best legal representation to those facing financial challenges.

William Shaffer, Esq.

On November 15, 2023, William T. Timothy Shaffer, founding member of our law firm, passed away.

“His unwavering commitment to treating every client with dignity profoundly shaped my own career and the values of our firm” reflects Christopher, R Shaffer, Williams’s son and fellow attorney.

He graduated from Stetson Law School in 1991 and quickly established himself as a formidable presence in the legal arena. Over his 30-year career, Tim personally filed thousands of bankruptcies, debt collection, and personal injury cases, impacting the lives of countless individuals across Florida.

Christopher Shaffer, Esq.

Christopher R. Shaffer, Esq., a 2020 graduate of the University of Tennessee with dual degrees in Law and Business (MBA), specializes in bankruptcy, debt collection, and personal injury cases. He is licensed to practice law in Florida and Alabama. Known for his dedication and skill, Christopher combines legal expertise with a business perspective to effectively advocate for his clients. Outside of work, he enjoys tennis, golf, and community activities along the Gulf Coast.

Kristy Shaffer, Esq. 

Kristy C. Shaffer is a seasoned attorney specializing in debt defense, wills and trusts, and consumer rights. Admitted to the Florida Bar in 1993, Kristy has dedicated her career to providing expert legal guidance and robust defense to her clients.

A graduate of Stetson Law School, she has a longstanding connection to the legal field, having attended law school alongside her late husband, William T. Shaffer. Her practice reflects a deep commitment to justice and a passion for helping individuals navigate complex legal challenges. 

Scott Stamatakis, Esq. 

Scott St.png

Scott Stamatakis, a Tampa native, graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Criminology and earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Florida's College of Law.


Scott started his legal career with Florida Default Law Group, PL, once considered the largest plaintiff ‘foreclosure mills' in the State of Florida. Scott started his own small practice in 2003, initially handling foreclosures for lenders but eventually evolving into a consumer lawyer. 

Scott is also a licensed real estate agent and a licensed title insurance agent in the State of Florida.

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